About the mushroom farmer

The Mushroom Farmer is the alter ego of the Interactive Creative Director, Freelance Web Designer, Photographer, Poet, Illustrator & general Web Fellow for Hire Rich McCoy. Rich lives in the small New Zealand town of Katikati, however many of these photos are not only from the surounding countryside but also from Waheke Island, Kenmare in The Republic of Ireland and many places in the United Kingdom

I’ve long had a fascination with photography, design and natures sculpture and the mushroom has within it such a poetry, its forms are both robust and delicate. There often slender necks seam to defy logic in there ability to hold up there heads. Some of the most beautiful specimens are often the ones that will mess you up the most. The often give away there position with a faint perfume before they are spotted, and they appear in the greatest numbers in the autumn just when the other flora & fauna retreat, they do this in order to take full advantage of the decaying matter of there neighbors.

Many a long family stroll is extended by myself on hands and knees, struggling to get the most interesting shot of something in the hedgerow or field, much to the bemusement of passing cars and patient embarrassment of my wife and children.

I am currently considering the options of what to do next with this growing collection, Ideally I would love to do a show but with all things in life I’m open to options and suggestions – rich@McCoy.co.uk